We are proud to be an Australian Owned Company.

All 3D Printed Products are Australian Made

What We Do


3D Printing Services

Rapid Prototyping, Production, Manufacturing, Short-Run and Reverse Engineering services are available for those with 3D files ready.


3D Designing & 3D Modeling

Whether you have a napkin sketch, plan drawing, or physical part for tweaking, our design team can assist you in turning your ideas into a digital model, ready for 3D Printing.


3D Equipment Hire

Hire out one of our machines and we will send a knowledgeable technician, machine and filament to the location of your choice!


3D Training & Workshops

In this class we’ll give you basic understanding by putting some 3D printers into action. You’ll gain exposure to the main facets of 3D Printing including; 3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, preparing the file for print, and finally, 3D Printing.


3D Scanning

Already have an object that you want replicated or tweaked? Our team can 3D scan your item in studio to create a digital copy ready for printing.

If you are currently experiencing problems with your overseas supply chain, then maybe its time to look at using a Local 3D Printing Supplier. We may be able to supply your product for the same price and reduce your turnaround times.




We are Highly Trusted