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3D Printed Ice Cream Paddles

A Queensland company was after a solution to produce custom food-safe labels to sell their ice cream in a creative and engaging way. This is another demonstration of how the team at 3D Printing Studios can create personalised solutions to a wide range of applications. For more information on manufacturing products Contact us
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3D Printing Studios offers a new material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

With 3D Printing Studios‘ addition of another EOS P396, we are now able to offer a new material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).  Through Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) TPU, we now able to produce a part that requires rubber-like properties including flexibility, shock absorption, abrasion, and wear resistance. Recently, an Australian manufacturer had requested a 300mm x[...]
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The National Museum of Australia uses 3D Printing to copy an aboriginal shield

The National Museum of Australia reached 3D Printing Studios to increase the size of an aboriginal shield for visually impaired people to be able to feel the texture of the shield. This is an excellent demonstration of how the team at 3D Printing Studios can create personalised solutions to a wide range of applications. For more information[...]
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Automotive Industy, Reverse Engineered Parts

An old car radio fascia was reverse engineered to make a new one that fitted a sensor. 3D Printing Studios have created numerous products for the automotive industry, from custom brackets to dashboard restoration. For more information on manufacturing Contac us
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Manufacturing Replacement Parts

We were recently sent a CAD file from a customer who repairs and reconditions old motorcycles. One of his motorbikes required a specific bracket. Instead of machining this bracket he modelled it in Fusion 360 see image below and then sent it to us to produce in high strength nylon material. The modelled part using[...]
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Steve Cohn, a Specialist Endodontists uses 3D Printing to produce a dental X-Ray holder

Over the last 6 years, 3D Printing Studio has worked with Steve Cohn, a Specialist Endodontists on the production of a Digital Positioning Device (Dental X-Ray holder). Steve Cohn, engaged 3D Printing Studios to redesign and modify an existing Digital Positioning Device to accommodate Digital X-Rays. We are now 3D Printing these devices using our[...]
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Koala, Highly Successful Australian Company using 3D Printing

Koala, an Australian start-up applying technology, design, and a ‘no worries’ attitude to produce Bedding and Furniture is utilising home-grown manufacturing to produce parts for its range of products. 3D Printing Studios is producing thousands of specialised parts for Koala including these clips. By utilising a local manufacturer like 3D Printing Studios which operates high-tech 3D[...]
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Locally 3D mass-manufactured COVID swabs end Australian reliance on overseas supply

Australian Company 3D Printing Studios has been working with State, Government, and Health Departments to produce Medical Nasal & Throat Swabs used in Covid-19 Test Kits.   South Australian Pathology has tested the latest 3D printed swabs and has given the green light on its use. This will make 3D Printing Studios the only Australian Supplier[...]
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Locata, an Australian Company that has major International Contracts is bring Manufacturing back to Australia

NUNZIO GAMBALE, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO has been responsible for utilising Australian Companies in their supply chain. By using Australian Companies such as 3D Printing Studios this allows Locata to receive products quicker (especially with current import delays) and cheaper than offshore suppliers. NUNZIO GAMBALE is also very enthusiastic about keeping manufacturing in Australia. 3D[...]
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