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Development Models ( DA Models) for Sydney City Council and all other Sydney Councils 

Architects, being one of the early adopters of this amazing technology, have used 3D printing due to its distinct advantages over traditional scale model production:

  1. Architectural Models can be printed within 2-5 days (after the 3D Model file is prepared). Traditional model making typically takes 4-6 weeks
  2. The cost of 3D Printing a DA model is significantly less than handmade models
  3. The models are very accurate and can capture a high level of detail


Architectural Models are typically produced for the following reasons:

  1. Local Council Development Approvals which require a scale model to support the application
  2. To visually communicate a concept
  3. Marketing purposes

At 3D Printing studios, we produce:

  • Residential models
  • Commercial building models
  • Interior models
  • Floor plans

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3D Printing Process:

3D Printing Studios typically convert your existing full scale plans into a 3D scaled down, print ready file. We use a process called File Preparation to produce this file. The input to this process is usually a dwg or 3DS file produced from popular programs such as Autodesk Revit. However our software also supports over 30 different file types including Sketchup and Archicad files.

Once the file is print ready we then collaborate and work with you to determine the best and most suitable 3D Printing technology to use. In most cases we use Selective Laser Sintering but we also use ColorJet PrintingFused Deposition Modelling and Stereolithography or a combination of these technologies. Once we have a printed model we optionally mount it in a presentation box, add landscaping or add colour as required.

If you would prefer to discuss your options first, feel free to callemail, or drop by your local studio to chat to a 3D Printing staff member.

Here are some examples of our recent work