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To create a outstanding and amazing result from a 3D printed piece, we provide various Post Processing and Finishing services to further bring your ideas to life! You will be absolutely amazed with the quality and results and can’t believe the piece are actually 3D printed.

The Post Processing and Finishing Services are:

  1. Sanding & Sandblasting
  2. Colour Dying
  3. Spray Painting according to RAL, Pantone, NCS color chart to create a glossy, matte or satin surface finishing
  4. Insert and Assembly of several parts into one
  5. Varnishing for clear transparency in Stereolithography (via Clearvue resin)
  6. Polishing
  7. Surface Coating ready to paint or primed
  8. Glueing
  9. Jet metal metallization or electroplating in Gold, Silver, Chrome, Gradient, Colored
  10. Heat treatment and Anneling
  11. Texture Grading
  12. Molding from 3D printed part
  13. Rim Molding
  14. Surface Film Transfer on 3D printed surface with patterns designs or metallic paint