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ABS Fireproof Smartfil3D


Size of Filament: 1.75mm or 2.85mm

Net Weight: 750g

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The ABS Fireproof Smartfil3D is a fireproof material according to UL94 and IEC 60695-11-10. It is ideal for coating elements that may be a source of fire.

In the presence of fire, pieces with a 1.50 mm wall can extinguish the flame in less than 30 seconds without producing plastic drip. This corresponds to the category V-1 according to the UL94 standard.

On the other hand, pieces with thicknesses of 2.10 mm or greater can extinguish the flame within 10 seconds without leakage of plastic material. This corresponds to category V-1 according to UL94 standard.

In addition to its fireproof properties, the ABS Fireproof filament also successfully reduces warping and cracking.


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Filament Size

1.75mm, 2.85mm