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Dry Cabinet for 3D Filaments

When 3D Printing filaments are removed from it’s air tight packaging, they gradually absorb moisture from the humid storage environment at different rates.

3D Printing filaments are made up of hygroscopic materials which have a tendency to absorb moisture. A filament should be stored within the <20% Humidity range.

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When moisture contaminated filament is passed through the hot end, the absorbed moisture turns into steam and will cause streaks, bubbles, and even brittleness. Moisture absorption will weaken the tensile strength of your printed project while ruining the finished quality of a print.

Effects of Moisture Absorption by 3D Printing filament material may result in the following problems:

• Brittleness and breakage of filament,
• Diameter inconsistency
• Hissing steam or bubbling when filament reaches the hot-end,
• Filament degrading or lose tensile strength,
• Higher extruding temperature

Disadvantages of DIY 3D Printing filament storage methods:

  • No Air Tight Storage abilities
  • Risk of leakage
  • Require constant change of dessicant bags

Filament Storage Dry Cabinet features:
• Low humidity environment suitable for storing various types of filament material.
• Four filament feed ports supporting up to 3mm filaments allows direct printing from the cabinet while in dry storage.
• Adjustable hanging rod will allow hanging of spools up to 33 cm in diameter.
• Air tight cabinet will prevent moisture and dust from contaminating your printed project.
• Low energy consumption (13 W Avg., 100 W Max).
• Convenient design with no consumable parts desiccants to replace, no water tanks to empty.
• Powerful molecular sieves desiccants dries your filament without heat to weaken filament tensile strength.

Benefits of 3D Filament Dry Cabinet:
• Our automatic humidity control systems will provide a quick and simple way to store filament spools without hassle.
• Simply set the desired humidity level, store the spools of filament and the dehumidifier “core unit” will take care of the rest.
• Your filament will stay completely dry & dust free, easily accessible, perfectly identifiable and ready to be used anytime you need them for a print.





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