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3D Printing Basic Workshop

Sydney Studio – Saturday 3rd November at 10 am in Chippendale – $85

More info: https://www.meetup.com/Sydney-3D-Printers-Meetup/events/248179868/

3D Printing Basic Workshop

Melbourne Studio – 20th November, 2018

See meetup page for more details.

3D Printing Studios MeetUp

3D Design Course – Fusion 360 Software

Melbourne Studio 24th November to 15th December on Saturdays, 3 hours per session.

See meetup page for more details

3D printing studios MeetUp

No one can miss the rapid advancements in 3D Printing today and its impact on many people and industries. While the excitement is ever present, it’s hard to separate and remove the hype from reality. Even though the industry has been around for 30 years, the technology is finally coming of age and becoming more readily available, drawing a lot of attention from media, consumers, and manufacturers. Although many dream about the day we’ll have the ability to 3D print products at home, it’s not a reality… yet. 3D Printing Studios has trained over 3000 people in 3D technologies. Come and find out what all the hype is about by joining us at one of our sessions and get hands on with this incredible technology.

Basic Training Workshops

Introduction to 3D Printing (3 to 4 hours)

Design (CAD) Workshops

We do a 4 week (3 hours per week) course in Melbourne

and a 1 x day (8 hour) course covering CAD software (Fusion 360) in Sydney.

Professional Workshops 

1 to 3 Day Workshops tailored to your industry requirements.



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Singapore Training