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No one can miss the rapid advancements in 3D Printing today and its impact on many people and industries. While the excitement is ever present, it’s hard to separate and remove the hype from reality. Even though the industry has been around for 30 years, the technology is finally coming of age and becoming more readily available, drawing a lot of attention from media, consumers, and manufacturers. Although many dream about the day we’ll have the ability to 3D print products at home, it’s not a reality… yet. 3D Printing Studios has trained over 2000 people in 3D technologies. Come and find out what all the hype is about by joining us at one of our sessions and get hands on with this incredible technology.

Who Needs Training?

The answer is simple: everyone. As the capability of 3D Printing continues to develop, the technology will touch consumers and businesses around the globe, putting it in the hands of individuals unfamiliar with basic manufacturing processes and best practices. Increasingly, anyone can walk into one of our studios and use one of our expanding 3D printing services to create a prototype or model. Even children have access to 3D printers in their primary schools today. As an emerging technology spanning generations, it’s vital to understand 3D technology processes.

Why is Training Important?

If you asked someone on the street what 3D printing can do, it’s likely you will hear how someone’s life was saved by a 3D printed implant or it can be used to make guns. Businesses and consumers need the background information necessary to ask better questions and gain an understanding of the terminology used for this emerging technology. With proper training and education, individuals will have the resources on tap to dig deeper into the technology and push it to the next level. Training will give individuals more power to develop and use this technology.

What Level of Training is Available?

3D Printing Studios have trained over 3000 people in 3D technologies. We were the first to offer training in Australia and we are still the only provider who can offer the full range from basic to advanced and all with our unique hands-on approach.