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CAD Design Workshop

  • 4 week (3 hours per week) course in Melbourne
  • 1 x day (8 hour) course¬†covering CAD software (Fusion 360) in Sydney.

Professional Training Course

The course is designed specifically for the participant. It covers all areas of professional software and tools tailored to your needs.

This course is a 3 x Day workshop covering:

  • The different technologies currently available – many of which we have in-house.
  • CAD Design Software (Solidworks)
  • File Preparation and File Fixing Software – (Materialise Magics & Netfabb)
  • 3D Printer Software – Insight and Control Centre – (Stratasys FDM machines)
  • 3D Printer Software – Objet Studio – (Objet Connex 500 Machine)
  • 3D Printer Software – 3D Print – (Projet 3500 & 4500 Machines)
  • Machine setup and best practice.
  • 3D Scanning – Einscan Pro+ and David Scanner.

Company & Industry Specific Workshops

We can organise specific training workshops for you or your company, which can show the merits and pitfall’s with current 3D Printing. We have done a number of training classes for schools and libraries.