Introductory Course

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Come in and let our team show you the ropes on everything 3D printing. For those who already have some prior knowledge, check out our more intermediate and advanced courses.

Gain a general understanding about the world of 3D printing and see what all the hype is about. You’ll learn about the process from to design to printing and walk away with a 3D print of your own.

This is a basic introductory course designed to show participants all the various technologies that are now called 3D Printing.
In this class we’ll give you that basic understanding by putting some 3D printers into action. You’ll gain exposure to the main facets of 3D Printing including 3D Scanning, 3D Modelling, preparing the file for print, and finally, 3D Printing.

Designers, Engineers, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Hackers and Hobbyists: this class is suitable for both novices and those more experienced with technology. Anyone with an interest in 3D printing and wants to learn should come along!

The Basics: How does a 3D-printer work? What are the different types of printers and materials you can use? What can I print with a 3D-printer? Is it expensive to use a 3D Printer? and other FAQs A introduction to 3D Scanning as well as 3D designing your own simple 3D object from scratch.

We will also show you how to Initialise and set up the 3D Printer with basic settings Bring your own laptop computer and please register with as this is the online modelling software we will be using. Want to get hands on with our 3D Printers but have no experience? then this class is for you.