Sinterit Lisa Pro

Industrial SLS Quality On The Benchtop

Best Desktop SLS 3D Printer

The Sinterit Lisa Pro is similar to its predecessor, the Sinterit Lisa, but upgraded in three ways. Firstly, due to its built-in nitrogen chamber, the Lisa Pro is able to utilise a wider range of more industrial-grade powders. It also has a larger build volume, and lastly, it comes with a more advanced operation software and 3D printer firmware. 

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Maximum Printing Capabilities: 316 mm diagonally

Filament Types: PA, TPE, TPU Materials (flexible)

Maximum Heating Bed Temperature: 200 °C

Electrical & Software Specifications

Power Supply: 220-240 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz], 7 [A] OR 100-130 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz], 15 [A]

Supplied Slicing Software: Sinterit Studio 2019 Open

Memory & Communication: Wifi, USB Port

Input 3D Design File Format: .stl / .obj / .3ds / .fbx​​ / .dae / .3mf

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows