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Locata, an Australian Company that has major International Contracts is bring Manufacturing back to Australia

NUNZIO GAMBALE, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO has been responsible for utilising Australian Companies in their supply chain. By using Australian Companies such as 3D Printing Studios this allows Locata to receive products quicker (especially with current import delays) and cheaper than offshore suppliers. NUNZIO GAMBALE is also very enthusiastic about keeping manufacturing in Australia. 3D[...]
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Aussie Businesses Adapt to Battle COVID-19

From brewers making hand sanitisers to 3D printing companies pumping out ventilator parts, Australian businesses are stepping up in the fight against coronavirus. Our director Howard Wood, explains what is being done from 3D Printing Studios to help in the battle against the virus, in the following interview with Sunrise Channel. https://www.facebook.com/Sunrise/videos/3416864835006646/
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